Please Stand By: We Are In The Middle Of A Shift


Are you missing the story Tracy and I started?  We moved it over to our sister blog, literally: Sisters In The Shadows

The four chapters we wrote will now reside there…to be continued if ever we feel the need.

However, both Tracy and I have been undergoing some major shifts in our focuses…and we think we would much better serve ourselves, and thereby our readers, by following where our hearts lead.

We will be writing more witchy inspired work–non-fiction…and we will be writing more positive work…because we ourselves seem to be emerging from the shadows under which we have lived our whole lives…and we do not wish to carry that darkness into our future.

Now, this does not mean we no longer love scary stuff…it just won’t be our focus any longer…

We hope you will continue to follow us as we continue this part of our journey.